Got tired of this Lockdown, thing? Need a boost?

The Teatime Book shop creative team has a list of these heartwarming novels to provide some much-needed escapism.

About reading, one thing is certain – losing yourself in a great novel is one of life’s most enduring and dependable joy. So, why miss any chance to spend time on a great book? We have compiled some best books to read during the lockdown period that will simultaneously speak to your heart and your mind.

The Twelve Caesars- by Suetonius

Twelve is a masterpiece of racy, humor, drama, and fully packed with gossip. The book is about Roman emperors, like heritage, personal habits, lives, politics, and other political careers.

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Strangers on a Train – by Patrica Highsmith

If someone is into Crime and Thriller, this book will turn out to be a great choice to read during the lockdown. The story of two murder-minded people, on the same train, swap their victims. This whole Cat and Mouse game will make this thriller drama full of mysteries.

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All the Light We Cannot See – By Anthony Doerr

A German boy and a blind French girl’s paths collide in occupied France as both try to survive the devastation of WWII. “All the night we cannot see” one of the best shortlisted Historical Fiction movies, you have ever searched for!

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The Last Hours- By Minette Walters

An amazing romantic novel is always a “Big Yes” to read. Stories from the heart, this beautiful Romantic Novel is a perfect match for you. After all, “Love is all you need”!

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Carry You – By Beth Thomas

Carry you is something that will make you celebrate your friends. To someone who finds it hard to let go, this book can make you laugh, cry at the same time. Carry you by Beth Thomas will remind you that life is full of unexpected surprises!

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We hope you enjoy our collection – or at least enjoy arguing about what should or what should not read the first…

Happy Reading…!

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