Best Books to Read During Lockdown

Got tired of this Lockdown, thing? Need a boost? The Teatime Book shop creative team has a list of these heartwarming novels to provide some much-needed escapism. About reading, one thing is certain – losing yourself in a great novel is one of life’s most enduring and dependable joy. So, why miss any chance to... Read more

All You Need Is Love This Christmas (And A Good Book)

The year has almost come to an end and it’s the favorite time of the year again.It is a day when you reconnect with your family and friends to share love and happiness. You attend special church services, give and receive gifts, and finally have a happy family meal together. When the chill has set... Read more

7 Books Every Adult Should Read

Teatime Bookshop’s creative team was busy crafting something for the readers. Since the last four weeks, our in-house writers and editors were compiling the best books an adult should read once in life. Books provide the opportunity to look at the world in a new fashion and there’s not better buddy than a book in... Read more

Best Book Gift Ideas For Christmas

With the preparations for Christmas underway, the surroundings of our homes are already radiating the visible signs of the annual festival. The sweet aroma of cakes and cookies, decorating articles being available in markets, and various elves and angels hanging around the neighbourhood surely makes one want to live the best days sitting in the... Read more

10 Books Every Kid Should Read Before Turning 12

Being a parent is absolutely the best feeling in the world. However, raising a child, who is totally dependent on you to seek valuable lessons for life, is no easy task. Therefore, inculcating good habits, right from the infant stage of a child makes them become a better individual later in life. Reading Our team... Read more