Moral values play a crucial role in building a child’s character. It frames the very center of their being and turns into an establishment of their moral beliefs.  Now a day’s children of working parents are learning about right and wrong from school, television or by story books. At Teatime Bookshop, we strongly believe that after parents’, books are the best guide for kids. Books can be a very powerful tool in showing kids the virtues at an early age leading to their development as capable and humble grown-ups.

The steps to build morals should begin with story books having life lessons built in them with characters which children can relate to. The subsequent step should be to allow kids to face similar situations and then imbibe those values.

We understand that it’s very difficult for the parents to make their kids learn moral values. So, to make your task easier we have picked these storybooks that you can read to your little ones to instill strong moral values in them, along with a fun habit of bedtime story listening.


Storybooks Teaching Love And Sympathy

The feeling of love towards family and friends makes children thoughtful and considerate. We suggest narrating these stories to instill values of love and compassion in your child.

  • Guess how much I love u (by Sam McBratney)
  • A sister more like me ( by Barbara Jean Hicks)
  • The Ugly Duckling (by Hans Christian Andersen)
  • Bear feels sick (by Karma Wilson)
  • The Big Friendly Giant (by Roald Dahl)

Storybooks On Honesty

The idea of speaking truth and abstaining from dishonesty is very tricky in children. A kid usually speaks lies just out of fun or out of not willing to do something. But this fun at times can become a constant habit. Here are some storybooks that help inbuilt the morality of speaking Truth with some amazing characters.

  • Bruno tells the truth (by Sterling)
  • The honest woodcutter (by Aesop)
  • The boy who cried wolf (by Aesop)

Storybooks Teaching Good Manners

Helping kids to learn appropriate, polite and considerate behavior enables them to form good manners and become more socially attentive as they get older. Here are some books that might help in imbibing good behavior in your child.

  • What if everybody did that (by Ellen Javernick)
  • The way I act (by Steve Metzger)
  • Horrid Henry (by Francesca Isabella Simon)
  • Bear says Thank you (by Michael Dahl)

Storybooks On Sharing

Children in this age can be very possessive of their favorite things. Generally they develop the tendency of not sharing, one of the best way to help them learn the consequences of not sharing are story books.

  • But Excuse me that’s my book (by Lauren Child)
  • It’s Mine ( by Leo Lionni)

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