In today’s era information is available at our fingertips. Everyone nowadays is having computers, laptops, mobile phones and many other devices. With the help of these devices, they can get information about anything, anywhere and anytime.

But do you know, how people use to get information earlier when there was no mobile and internet available? Decades ago when these devices were not present, people use to find information by reading books. And that’s why the quote “Books are our best friends” is so popular and going on for decades.

Just like a good friend, books enrich our mind with great knowledge and wise thoughts. If you have a good book along with you then you will never feel alone. How amazing is it that just by reading a good book you can learn many great things. They not only help us in becoming a better person but also guide us on how to serve the society in the best possible way. If you ever feel alone you can always grab your favourite book and start reading to feel accompanied and relax.

In this blog, we are listing down some reasons why books can be your life long friends. Read on!

1. Books Makes Us Smart:

Books are our best teachers. They make us a well-read person who has answers to all the questions and solutions for all the worldly problems. They fill our mind with a vast arena of knowledge and good vocabulary.

2. Books are always there for you:

No matter what the time or place is, books are always there for you. You can enjoy their company even in the middle of the night when everyone else is fast asleep. They can be the best remedy for anyone’s loneliness

3. They Dismiss Troubling Thoughts From Our Mind

Even if you are battling the worst times in your life, you can always find the best refuge in books from the woes and troubles of life. They divert you from your troubles and provides positive ideas which makes them the best saviour.

4. They Develop Our Character and Personality

Reading books opens up our world view and makes us empathise with others. Without too much of preaching and just by reading good books you can become a better person

5. Books Can Instantly Take Us To Different Places.

Stephen King has regarded Books as a “uniquely portable magic”. Each time you read a book you can travel to a different place in your imaginations. For an instant trip to a new place, books can be your quickest bet.

6. Books Enhance Our Perspective Towards Life.

Books influence the way we see the world and bring so many perspectives towards life by broadening our view. Books help us to empathise with others by offering us insights about many different lives.

Below are some great sayings about books from some famous personalities:

 “A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.”

– William Styron

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”

– Mark Twain

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