In the hustle-bustle of today's fast-paced world, getting time out of busy schedules to sit back, relax & read a book is no less than a luxury. Those who do it would know how soothing and relaxing it feels to read a good book after a long hectic day. But you know what: a perfect reading space is as important as finding a good book to read if you have a book subscription. You can't imagine reading something in tumults or disturbances.

In this blog post, we will delve into knowing how to set up the perfect reading space & make the reading time more enjoyable.


Creating Your Ideal Reading Sanctuary: A Guide to Setting up the Perfect Reading Space

1. Choose the Correct Location

The very first step towards creating a perfect reading journey is to have a suitable location. Consider those places that are quiet, well-lit, and away from the possible distractions. You can go with whatever pleases you: either it's your bedroom's cosy corner or a window seat with a garden outside or your study table. In the end, it's all about you & your comfort: so decide accordingly.

2. Comfort is the Key

Reading is something that comes out of the heart directly: you can't read forcefully. So, make your comfort a priority while reading the book. Whatever sitting position you like and feel relaxed within: go with that, sit that way. Or else if you love reading by roaming around or walking, no one is stopping you: beckon yourself towards your comfort.

3. Optimise Lighting

Lighting also becomes an integral part of the reading space as dim lights can cause strain over the eyes. It would be best if you could read in natural light, for example: the light coming through your window. But if natural light isn't enough or you are reading at night time, add more lights to your reading space like floor lamps or reading lights to ensure proper visibility of the words.

4. Personalise Your Space

Your reading space belongs to you as a person: it's the reflection of yourself. So don't lag from personalising it as per your liking and requirements. Have a bookshelf, and keep meaningful decor like artwork, plants, or other items likable to you. Make your space totally yours to feel better and more relaxed after your hectic daytime.

5. Minimise Distractions

Today, distractions are all over, we just can't get rid of them totally. But we can still try to minimise them as much as possible to create a peaceful environment for our reading space. Make sure your reading area is free of any electronic devices: either it's your mobile phone or laptop, so that you won't get the urge to check notifications or emails again and again. And ultimately gift yourself a good reading experience. It's a good opportunity for you to stay away from your mobiles.

6. Accessorise Thoughtfully

Make your reading experience better by adding thoughtful accessories to the place such as bookmarks, reading glasses, or your favorite beverage cup.

7. Keep it Organised

Would you like reading in a messy place? Of course, no! So make sure that whenever you get up from your reading area, you clean everything & keep all the things in their proper places. It will keep your reading space organised ever and you'll feel a good aura the next time you sit to read.

8. Unplug & Unwind

Remember that this reading space is a refuge for you from the outside world where you can just be your self, enjoy your favorite book, have a cup of tea or coffee, and relax. Just allow yourself to embrace this feeling and get lost in the pages of a good book.


By having your personalised reading space, you can create a heaven for you on the earth which would allow you to take a break from all the ongoing problems in your life.

Whether you are an avid reader or solace seeker, your perfect reading space is calling you!

So don't wait anymore, go ahead & carve a reading area for yourself full of good energies and magic of good reading.

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