Don't you think that in the continuous hustle-bustle & chattering of the world, finding some precious moments of peace & tranquility has become a tough task today? Yes, you understood it right! We are talking about ‘meditation.’ But there's a traditional definition for meditation in everyone's mind, ‘Meditation is something about sitting cross-legged at a peaceful place & chanting hymns.’ That is an aspect of meditation but it doesn't define meditation as a whole. As discussed in today's tough times, finding a peaceful place is a bit tough, so why not focus on another aspect of meditation, i.e. “Reading?”

In this blog post, we will discuss the act of reading being considered meditation, its immersive and magical qualities, and its ability to calm the mind.


The Essence of Meditation

Before actually diving into the understanding of ‘reading as a form of meditation’, let us first understand what meditation is actually for. It is about achieving a calm and peaceful state of focused attention and heightened awareness. Meditation is about being aware of yourself first both consciously and subconsciously, and then about your surroundings.


The Immersive Journey of Reading

You can consider ‘reading’ as a form of meditation as while reading the books, the reader gets engrossed in those pages & forgets about the outer world for a while just like meditation. This practice also demands concentration similar to meditation. And the moment one delves completely into the inner story of a book, he or she feels the mind getting away from the real world's distractions and having some peaceful moments.

Focus and Mindfulness

These two factors are common & important both in reading and meditation. While meditation, one focuses on internal evaluation & stays calm. Similarly in reading, one cuts him or her off from the outside world & focuses on the words. Whether you are doing meditation or reading a good book, both require your full awareness. So the next time you read, make sure that you take it as a form of meditation & enjoy the reading adventure more.

Emotional Resonance

If we talk about emotions and feelings, these are also one of the connecting elements between reading and meditation. The way one feels the emotions of serenity and calmness during meditation, similarly reading evokes feelings of compassion towards the protagonist or the relatable character in the book. Meditation takes you to the higher realm of spiritual emotions while reading invokes the understanding to put yourself into others’ shoes.

The Escape and Connection

Undoubtedly, both yoga and meditation provide an escalation in this or the other way. Meditation takes us to the world of calmness & tranquility. Similar to this, reading a good book brings us to varied landscapes through magical words. Eventually, we feel less stressed by focusing for a while. Additionally via reading, one can feel connectedness with the relatable characters in the story the same way meditation connects us with our inner self.


The Afterglow

If you have ever practiced meditation, you might know that it adds calmness to our life as a whole & makes us clear-headed. In the same way, reading something amazing makes us feel thoughtful and peaceful afterward. Instead of worrying about your deadlines or the peer pressure, you just surround your mind with good thoughts, eventually making you feel better the whole day.

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