The world is changing, and as technology is advancing our children are getting glued to their screens, electronic games, reluctant to play outside and read. I wouldn’t say creativity is fleeting, it is just showing itself in new different ways. However, as adults we often wish our children to have the very best experiences of play, and that their imaginations would light up and they would create, draw and do exploratory things that we all did as children.

I would say with the way the world is moving, that is going to become a harder and more challenging task, however, poetry, I feel is an answer to many of the imaginative dilemmas we might be experiencing as children and adults.

So I wanted to set all the readers a challenge, to read my favourite childhood poem, it has a nice rhythm but it also engages our creative mind and allows us to imagine all these scenarios. Once read, I would love for you to engage in it, find all the red things in your house, google pictures of sunsets and hearts. Immersive yourself within it.

What is Red?

Red is a sunset
Blazing and bright.
Red is feeling brave
With all your might.
Red is a sunburn
A spot on your nose.
Sometimes red, is a red red rose.
Red squiggles out when you cut your hand.
Red is a brick
And the sounds of a band.
Red is hotness
You get inside
When you’re embarrassed
And want to hide.
Fire-cracker, fire-engine
Fire-flicker red –
And when you’re angry
Red runs through your head.

Red is an Indian
A Valentine heart,
The trimmings on
A circus cart.
Red is a lipstick
Red is a shout
Red is a signal
That says, “Watch out!”
Red is a great big
Rubber ball.
Red is the giant-est
Colour of all.
Red is a show-off,
No doubt about it –
But can you imagine
Living without it?

Once this is done, ask yourself, how did it feel? Strange? Exciting? Fun? Weird? Imaginative? Reading takes us to places we might never go, allowing yourself to be immersed in it makes you a more intelligent, imaginative being, and as a parent, I think that is the best skill you can pass on to your children.

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