Getting rid of the books is one of the hard things to do, that is why we have shelves and shelves of them. Although old books that are not useful now, cover a lot of space without any reason. For a book lover, throwing books away, however, is ever the answer!  Well, if you are also facing the same situation, reusing and recycling the old books will be an ultimate solution, instead!

Whether they’re water damaged or simply old and not often read, re-purpose them! Check out these creative ideas for upcycling your old books in a creative way!

1. Pencil Holder

A little patience and a cutter will help you to transform your o;d books into useful and creative pencil/pen holders. Great idea for using that old book and to make your home, office organisation space truly functional, once you adorn your desk with this masterpiece.

2. Jewellery Box

A hollowed out book is a most creative thing to display as a jewellery box. You can add wooden feet or several stacked boxes for the maximum use or optimal effect. These boxes are also great for organized closet space that would make it feel like a luxurious dressing room, even in a small footprint.

3. Create a Mini Gift Pouch

Use pages from the old books and stamp and fold them into creative mini gift pouches. This is a great idea for those books that have missing or torn pages so they can’t be donated.

4. Book Cover Clutch

Want to get extra creative? Show the world how to make your very own clutch purse from the front and back covers of your favourite novel. Recycling your old books never got this creative before.

5. Purse

You don’t need to worry about someone showing up the same purse as you have, if you create your very own design with your much loved books. Settle yourself with the art of craft and create a unique and beautiful crafting magic.

“A book is not only a friend, it makes friends for you. When you have possessed a book with mind and spirit, you are enriched. But when you pass it on you are enriched threefold.”

  • Henry Miller

6. Pop Art

Pop art? Sounds interesting..! Yes you can create beautiful and stunning pop arts for your home and office decor. Turn a page from a big, old encyclopedia into a framed painting and get rid of your old books and unwanted stuff.

7. Book Wall

A book wall is a great option to keep your books more readable and store them better, also it gives a great solution to make your space more comfortable and unique.

8. Picture Frame

One of the most creative and thoughtful ideas for reusing your old books is creating a picture frame from them. Transform a book into a hanging or standing picture frame, collecting thousands of beautiful memories with your friends and family! Consider using a book that means something to you.

9.Make free “Book Box”

Make a free book box with a number of books that are not useful for you and give them to the people who are in love with books. You can also put these free book boxes in train stations, bus stops and so on. Place a book labeled “Free Books” and make these boxes available for all people to kill the time.

Now, you can reuse and recycle your old books hanging around your home.

Have you upcycled your old books in other ways? Tell us your unique ways in the comment section!

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