If you are wishing to present something to a kid who likes to read, then, nothing can be as good as a book gift box to please the child. And, being children, they are at the nurturing age where they actually require the right kind of mentorship from their elders and nothing other than a perfect book gift can help them in so.

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Best Gifts for Bookish Kids

Some of the best & amazing ideas to pick up for gifting a kid who likes to read are:

1. Book Light: A Book light for reading under the covers can be one of the best options to gift a book-loving kid. Sometimes, it becomes too boring & kids feel sleepy while reading the last paragraphs of some chapter of a book, so, to encourage & embrace them, book lights are the perfect things. It would help the kid keep on reading during the midnight hours too.

2. Encyclopedia: An encyclopedia is a perfect item to answer all kinds of burning questions in kids' minds. The curious minds of today's young generation require some helping hands to grow further. Hence, the stunningly made kids' encyclopedia can be presented to a bookish kid as a book gift. It will help the child to get an amazing insight into the fun & knowledgeable facts and will also ignite more curiosity in the developing brain.

3. Subscription box: A book subscription box can also be one of the amazing options to include in the book gift box for expanding the kid's library. Book lovers always want to satisfy their inevitable thirst for reading new & exciting books over and over again. Hence, age-specific books for kids included in the subscription box are perfect to present them.

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4. Necessary tools: The necessary stationary tools like beautiful & well-gripped pens, pencils, notebooks, markers, pointers, pencils & pastel colors and many more are helpful while reading the books for kids. Hence, try a library kit to include in your book gift to let your kid experience the actual bookish joy.

5. Bookplates' set: A set of amazing & pretty bookplates can also be one of the options to please your kid with a book gift. It's perfect for those kids who like to lend their books to others so that their own books won't get lost or mixed with others. Try to have bookplates with colorful & customizable stickers to personalize by the kids.

6. Dictionary: A dictionary is one of the best & actually perfect items to be gifted to a book lover, especially a kid. The new & amazing words add a totally different experience to the kids' life & open a new world to them. Hence, adding a dictionary to your book gift box can be a good idea.

7. Bag to carry books: You can also think of gifting beautifully printed bags to carry favorite books of the kid. It's perfect for kiddos with little arms but huge aims to bring their reading materials anywhere. Try adding spacy and cartoonish bags to your book gift box.

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