Are you thinking of gifting someone special on their special day or on some occasion? Or want to treat yourself with something auspicious? Nothing is as wonderful as a book to treat someone with a present, especially for a book lover.  Books are actually the best things that stay with us at all times, whether hard or not, and teach us the harsh realities of life prior experiencing them and getting hurt by them in the reality.

Gifting a book to treat someone special also needs that extra item to make the gift even more extra special.

At Tea Time Bookshop we have so many exciting new gifts at affordable and cheap prices to add-on to your book gifts and make them more amazing.

Some of the effective ideas to make your book gifts extra special are as follows:

1. Add a bookmark: Book gifts can be made remarkable by adding a pretty and unique bookmark. You can add bookmarks related to the book genre, some inspirational and motivational thoughts and ideas, the person's favorite day, or some specific occasion in case on which in you are gifting. This would create beautiful memories in the mind of the person for you and those adorable moments between you both.

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2. Notebooks attached: You can also attach some notebooks along with your book gift box or presenting to your acquaintance or treating yourself. The notebooks can be of beautifully printed pages and elegant covers related to the book genre, that person's pictures, or showcasing the memorable moments between you both or someone special in that person's life.

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3. Powerful Grip Pens: The pens with powerful grips are also one of the best options to add to your book gift box and make them more pleasing for the person. The pens are so helpful while reading and marking the underlines on the relevant texts or writing important notes on the margins of the books.

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4. Add the person's favourite tipple: One of the most popular options among our customers is to add the person's favourite tipple. We stock prosecco, G&T, cider, beer and wine. Make it extra special so they can sit back with their book, and enjoy with their favourite drink.


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