Christmas, the annual festival celebrated on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, the greatest religious leader of Christianity, falls on the 25th of December every year. All Christians and many non-Christians also celebrate this festive occasion with lots of joy and enthusiasm.

There is a tradition of giving presents in the form of gifts to loved ones, friends, family, and acquaintances on this holy occasion of Christmas. There is also a '5 gift rule' for Christmas which states that, 'the first four gifts to be presented to someone should be related to- something they want, something they need, something to wear for them, and something to read, respectively and the fifth one should be something they need or want but don't actually know it.'

It is a little bit fascinating to decide what to present to someone. Many people gift chocolates, dresses, cakes, furniture, jewelry, and many exciting things to their loved ones.

But if you are thinking to find some exciting gift for a book lover, there is nothing as interesting as the 'Book Lover's Gift hamper' sold by a very well-known book website in the UK, i.e., Teatime Bookshop. Only the items related to books of different genres with a sprinkle of favorite tipples and book-related things such as beautiful bookmarks, postcards, twinkling and flashing reading lights, book bags, and many more can be worth it and so exciting for all those book lovers out there to be given as a present on the occasion of Christmas.

What is a 'Book Lover's Gift Hamper?'

"Book Gift Box' is simply" a collection of books of lots of genres and book items such as bookmarks, reading lights, book bags, postcards and many other exciting and fascinating things, generally presented as gifts to the loved ones, especially on the festive occasion such as Christmas." For a book lover, it is one of the heart-personifying presents to dwell them in the ocean of so many interesting bookish journeys.

Genres to choose for Book Gift

'Book Box Gift' provides customers to choose from a variety of genres of books they might be interested in. The various genres available to pick from are:

ROMCOM: The people interested in 'romance-related plays or stories or movies exempted in the written format in the books' can go with the 'ROMCOM' genre provided to choose from in the 'Book Lover's Gift Hamper.'

Crime & Thriller: The suspense, dread, fear, and crime-loving peeps can choose the 'Crime & Thriller' book genre for themselves from the list given by 'Book Lover's Gift Hamper.'

Current Affairs: Those who are interested in reading about all kinds of ongoing affairs, mostly related to politics, in the country and the world can choose the genre of 'Current Affairs' for getting books in 'Book Lover's Gift Hamper.'

Young Adult (YA): The people looking for 'fiction for adolescents and young adults, i.e., teenagers' have the facility to choose from the 'Young Adult' (YA) genre from the list of books provided along with 'Book Lover's Gift Hamper.'

Sci-Fi (Science Fiction) & Fantasy: Book lovers interested in knowing about 'reality, science, and fantasy events that are more likely to not exist in the reality' can go with the 'Sci-fi and fantasy' genre of books while getting 'Book Lover's Gift hamper'

Other Items included with the Book gift hamper

'Book Gift Hamper', along with the facility of choosing from a wide variety of book genres, comes with many other items to please the book lover inside the gift receiver.

Some of those items are many drinks like tea, coffee, hot chocolate, etc., many wines like Prosecco, biscuits, bookmarks, postcards, reading lights, book bags, literary mugs, themed socks, and many more.

The subscription to 'Book Lover's Gift Hamper' provides two types of box sizes for the customers to choose from, according to their budget:

1. Lite box

'Lite box' is a hamper of 1 book including a Tea Time takeaway cup (made from fresh bamboo), a book bag with the tea, coffee, or hot chocolate (one can choose from the three), a pretty bookmark, literary postcard, chocolates, and biscuits.

2. Maxi box

'Maxi box' is a hamper of 2 books (one can choose any 2 genres, either same or different, from the above-mentioned ones) included with some extra exciting goodies such as a flashing reading light, a Tea Time book bag, Tea Time take away cup (exclusively made from fresh bamboo), literary-themed socks, and also mood fresheners like tea, coffee or hot chocolate (choose any one from the three), bookmark, postcard, chocolates, and biscuits.

  • You can also add wines and beers to your hamper from a list of tipples available: Prosecco, Alcoholic Tea: Margarita, Alcoholic Tea: Mojito, Brixton Reliance Pale Ale Beer, Rekorderlig Wild Berries Cider, Gordons Pink Distilled Gin & Tonic.
  • A 'gift note' can also be added to the hamper which is totally 'FREE OF CHARGE.'
  • Books are delivered in new condition properly.
  • Tea & Coffee provided along with the hamper is ethically sourced.
  • The whole packaging is fully recyclable, hence, environment friendly.
  • The traces of nuts may be present in the biscuits and chocolates, and they are not gluten-free, but you can add 'diet advisory notes' at checkout of any dietary requirements to be added in the hamper.
  • Delivery tracking service is provided to the customers and the orders are dispatched within 1-2 business days.

Don't wait to present a perfect gift to your loved ones on their special day or just treat yourself with this exciting Book Subscription Gift.