The word 'tote' is basically a verb which means 'to carry something by hand.' Precisely, tote bags are used for carrying the stuff, especially while shopping. Mostly, they are carried by the women and are bigger enough in size which makes the transportation of the essentials very easily. The traditional tote bags were used to be made up of canvas material. But today, they are also coming in the market made up of knitted cloth. They are usually very comfortable and don't even make the person feel like he/she is actually carrying something in his/her hands. They are reusable, i.e., can be used again and again and are a very good alternative to the plastic shopping bags or can be used as a book bags.

Different types of Tote bags

Bags can be carried by anyone, irrespective of gender for carrying the items, but as well-known, women want to buy everything perfect for themselves and when it comes to buying bags, whether for carrying the shopping stuff, going outside or anything else, they just go crazy about it. Nowadays, bags carried by women have also become a part of their lives and tote bags are on trend.

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There are so many different types of tote bags one can buy, some of them are as follows :

1) Picnic Tote Bag - As clear by the name, these types of bags are specifically used for picnic outings to carry all the stuff, it might be food items, mattresses, water bottles and many more. They are made up of polyester fabric. They are available in different shapes and sizes. A variety of patterns is also available for these picnic tote bags. Their straps can be adjusted easily as per one's requirements for reduction of the pressure on the shoulders. They are sturdy and tough enough to endure the weight of as many items as one wants to carry inside them.

2) Cotton Tote Bag - The cotton tote bags, as known by the name, are made up of fabric cotton. They are durable, i.e., work for a long period of time. They are easy to use and carry and are genuinely cheaper as compared to other types of bags. Being made up of fabric cotton material, they possess many related features like smooth surface and properly refined texture. Logos can also be printed on them very easily, hence, they become a great giveaway or promotional gift for the customers. They can be used for many purposes such as groceries, shopping, causal outings and many more.

3) Work Tote Bag - It is generally carried by the people, especially women, for the work purposes, like for office, college, school, etc. They are not that big enough like picnic tote bags as they are designed for keeping a few essentials like notebooks, diaries, iPads, laptops, a pair of sneakers, a change of clothes, etc. They are made up of simili material. Their straps are durable and very comfortable to be carried wherever one wants to.

4) Penguin Tote Bag - The penguin tote bags are made up of natural canvas of cotton, jute and other non-artificially occurring fabrics, that's why, they are eco-friendly. In these bags, design is printed only on one side, generally of penguins. They are perfect for the books so we can call them penguin books tote bag.

5) Diaper Tote Bag - The diaper tote bags are generally carried by the mothers having new-born babies to keep the diapers and other required baby essentials. These bags provide lots of slots and pockets for keeping the stuff. And this huge space also allows to organize the items neatly and safely without any leakages, especially in case of liquid products. It is made from cloth which makes it soft to touch. They are usually colourful and feature fun prints on them related to cartoons and other characters to please the babies visually and making them happy and cheerful.

6) Beach Tote Bags - The beach tote bags are made up from jute or cloth. They are generally large bags with some small pockets. They are totally handy, so while going for a day out on a beach, one can carry them easily for keeping many relevant stuffs like wallet, phone, eatables and many other things.

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