Books are one of the valuable things in the humans' lives which are having the power to change the whole world. They won't betray at any cost and would stay loyal with us in every phase of life. They are also helpful in creating positive mindsets of the people. They are the store-house of knowledge. They teach many life lessons which should be known to people for leading a satisfactory life without any regrets.

Reasons why book is a perfect gift

Actually, there are an infinite number of reasons why book is a perfect gift for us. It won't be technically fair to mention a few of them with disregard of some. Still, some of the qualitative reasons for the same are as follows :

1) Create Social connectivity

While reading a book, it is uncertain most of the times for the reader to know the writer personally, so, he/she reads the book from the perspective of the mentioned writer, hence, books help in creating social connectivity among the people of the society. With the help of books, one is able to know about the world from someone else's perspective and ultimately, it helps in learning many life lessons prior experiencing them actually in reality. According to latest studies, it has been found evident that 'being a bookworm makes a person more social, not less.'

2) Irrespective of Gender

Like humans and their society's values, the books don't divide people on the basis of gender. When a writer frames his/her book, he/she writes for humans, not for any specific gender or sex, i.e., writers perform irrespective of gender. Any book doesn't violate the gender equality as per one of the 7 fundamental rights listed in the Constitution. And every person, of any sex whether male or female, can read books of any genre as per their interests.

3) Increase concentration power

Books are the actual source of concentration. While reading a certain book, one is focused on reading only, no other thoughts surround him/her at that time, hence, reading ultimately increases one's power of concentration. Books are actually a source of meditation which help in giving a positive direction to the mind by neglecting all the negative elements.

4) Help in building Patience

Reading long books need lots of patience. One can't complete reading of a book in a single day, it requires a continuous dedication for a long interval of time to evaluate the lessons and values the writer wants to deliver through the book. Hence, continuous reading of books builds patience in the lives of the people.

5) Proper Deep Sleep

As per the analytics and studies, reading a book prior sleeping provides a deep sleep to the reader. Actually, science is involved behind this fact, reading helps in increasing the concentration power of the individual and if it's done before sleeping, it would help in calming the mind and ultimately providing a good deep sleep.

6) Inspiration about lives

Books are also an optimised and ultimate source of inspiration. Every book provides some inspiration related to a thing or two. They help us in staying motivated for the life. Many books are available with the genre of inspiration in many fields. There have been many inspirational writers also in the field since time, especially for inspiring the youth of the society.

7) Helping hand

Books also act as a helping hand to their readers. They help in overcoming the fear of doing something new. They also help in setting proper goals and achieving them with well-oriented schedule.

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