According to the famous American novelist, Ernest Hemingway, "There is no friend as loyal as books" . This quote says a lot about reading books. Books are one of the medium through which we can find the solutions to our problems . Books are the way to enlighten our lives and to enhance our knowledge related to many things which may or may not be related to each other. People used to read books to convert their free time into something productive and knowledgeable ideas, but from the evolution of internet and social media , our time is getting wasted in jumping from one social media application to another and just scrolling and scrolling. Only 28% of the adults in the world are having a habit of reading books on a daily basis. This value is very less and we should increase it to do something good for our society by removing the addiction of social media and others that are ruining our lives actually. We are just wasting our time for no use which will for sure make us regret later in the future. Reading a book has many benefits. Some of them are as follows :

1. Improvement in life

According to a survey , 76% of the people accepted that reading books has improved their lives and it helps them to feel good on personal level. People who use to read books feel more energetic and are more likely to achieve their goals prior as compared to the non-readers.

2. Positive Mindset

If we want to achieve something, then it is very necessary to develop a positive approach, books help us to maintain the positivity of the mind and to overcome from negativity that can ruin us .It helps us to create a good mental health and focus on our work which leads to more productivity as a whole.

3. Happiness

According to a study conducted in 13 different countries, it showed that readers are more happier as compared to the non-ones. They use to connect easily with the others and maintain good relationships. Readers use to start meaningful conversations and create good connections even with strangers also. They try to provide the meaningful learnings of the books to the others also.

4. Relaxation

In our daily life, we use to work hard for the living. In the hardships of life, reading book is the best way to relax and recharge the mind for the another day . Most of the people relax their mind by reading .Reading refreshes our mind and also gives us some value from the book that can be very useful in our life.

5. Learning

The best thing we listen and learn from our elders that we should never stop learning . We should learn something everyday that will help us in the future . The best learnings come from the experience and those experiences are written in the books themselves that can help us in certain manners .

6. Good Decision Making

Those people who use to read books are considered as good decision-makers because they analyse the situation properly by looking at all of its pros and cons and then make decisions while others who don't read come to conclusions very fastly . 1 in every 3 readers solve their relationship problems very maturely , they take the help of their readings that they might have read in the past. And they don't act on the basis of past experiences, indeed they look at the present consequences and future comforts and their approach is totally towards solving, not whirling the loops more and more.

7. Guide to the right path

Books are the best guides of our lives , books show us the right way on which we shouldmove on and how to overcome all the hurdles coming into the path and achieve our goal . They also prevent us from different types of distractions like social media and many others . 1 minute of distraction requires 23 minutes to make our mind attentive again so we should learn and self help by reading books .It helps us to focus on the main goal of our life .

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