Summer is right around the corner, you can finally stretch out that towel and can enjoy summer reading on the beach as well as your couch. Dreamy romance at the beach or page-turning experiences in the garden, if you have Best Summer Reads in your collection, you can have both of them.  Looking for the best books 2021? Enhance your summer reading experience with the best reads of this season. The Tea time book shop has got your summer reading list sorted -

Summer on the Bluff - Sunny Hostin

It’s Sunny Hostin and how could you not read her book even though you are not a summer beach reader. It starts really greatly but at the end, the character and storyline ran a little flat. It’s a story of wealthy black people.  This is a multigenerational look at the lives of four women, each of whom is at a crossroads in her life, as they reunite for a summer on Martha's Vineyard. One of the Best Summer Reads in 2021, that give you summer’s relaxing vibes.

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That Summer: A Novel - JENNIFER WEINER

Jennifer Weiner has written yet another inspirational, heartwarming narrative with a surprising twist and interesting characters. The novel flows beautifully and takes you to the areas far darker than you might think. But spending your summer reading experiences on this journey. It’s a journey well worth taking. 

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What Comes After A Novel - JOANNE TOMPKINS

A powerful full story about grief, loss, Hope, and Forgiveness. 

It’s a novel that will make you cry. The writer did a fantastic job portraying her characters as multifaceted, needy, insecure, afraid, and judgmental all at the same time. In reality, all of the characters are messy, flawed, and grace-filled. Three wounded souls find their way out of pain and shame and towards forgiveness and salvation in this profound depiction.

The Last Thing He Told Me - Laura Dave

A Combination of more domestic drama with a little bit of suspense. 

Another engrossing, un put down able, and fast-paced adventure in which you quickly become engrossed in the high tension and intriguing plot.! One unusual thing about this action-packed, mind-numbing suspense story is that you will gonna cry hard when you turn the last page! Because this is also a heartfelt love story of an introverted, one-of-a-kind, artsy woman who never believed in true love until she met her husband.

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