Who in the world did not ever seek peace in the comfort of their homes? We are not going to lie, everybody did AND all book lovers inside us got the opportunity to explore the wonderful world of literature. The sweet smell of books old and new, the smooth texture of mint pages of the novels, we have relived it all in the past few months when the whole world was facing a pandemic.

The Perfect Products for Book Lovers

We at Teatime Bookshop are a collective group of people who share same interest, that is, the love for books. This very love for the various forms of readable items binds us together as a family. On our website www.teatimebookshop.co.uk you can find the perfect gift that could be given to a loved one, which includes even you! Over 500,000 books stored in our warehouse at Leicestershire waiting to be packed and be delivered to the readers eager to get their hands on them. These hand pick books are available to be procured from multiple book categories that could be chosen totally by you. Also, we provide offers for customers that get themselves a 12 month subscription by having them save huge amount of money. Longer the subscription gets, more the discount we offer you.

Variety We Offer to Book Lover

We offer monthly subscriptions as a popular choice if a loved one needs a reminder each month in the form of either just a book or a completely packaged beautiful hamper. Such hampers are equipped with tasty biscuits, a customised dedicated bookmark, a beverage ( tea, coffee, or hot chocolate ), and either one, two, or more books, completely chosen by you as per the taste. Such monthly subscriptions are offered at very reasonable price ranges and reliable delivery options from our online store could be looked into as well.

Subscriptions for Book Lovers

Teatime Bookshop offers a wide range of category based subscriptions available to our customers. Some of them are –

If you take a look at our available products, you’ll find that we have deliberately crafted a suitable product for all age ranges and interest of almost all sorts of people. The ones who wish to keep themselves updated, ones who wish to engage their children into a productive hobby, ones who seek variety, and the others – We cover them all, all because we understand our customers’ needs and love to provide a service unmatchable. Get our book subscription box today.

Read with us and enjoy for lifetime!